Tank Corps Formed – 28th July 1917


FRIDAY 28th JULY 1917


Tanks first appeared on the battlefield in 1916 during the Battle of The Somme. By 1917 they had become an essential support to infantry attacks. With increased numbers of machines it became essential to organise them into a separate corps.

On July 28th the ‘heavy branch’ was separated from the machine gun corps by Royal Warrant and given the title ‘Tank Corps’.

The Tank Corps first saw action at the Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele) but as the battle developed they were found to be totally unsuitable due to the boggy terrain which led to many machines becoming stranded in the mud and easy targets for enemy artillery.

Morale amongst tank crews weakened and infantry confidence in the tanks slipped. It was not a great beginning for the new corps.


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